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So, let's get the show on the road.  Just look up at the top there and be on your way to some z/OS assembler and Rexx projects.  Heck, you might even find a useful zLinux patch or two.

Or you can look right here to see just how lazy I really am.

2018-07-30 Fixed a couple of TrueType font handling bugs in TXT2PDF.
2012-03-21 Restored support for building/running VMA on z/OS.
2012-03-20 Fixed a couple of critters in VMA.
2011-08-05 Fixed a couple of critters in VMA.
2011-02-17 Added some brief usage comments to smcli
2011-02-11 Added the smcli z/VM system managment command line utility
2010-08-25 Added -s (snaplen) support to tcpdump-qeth wrapper
2010-08-23 Created a standalone version of the Unionfs filesystem for SLES
2010-08-07 Fixed a critter in KAOS when more than 58 servers were defined.
2010-03-13 Fixed a critter in VMA when adding to existing archives.
2010-03-11 Added support for creating/updating VMARCs to VMA.
2010-02-24 Added the KAOS system activation utility.
2009-06-03 Added Windows command line version to VMA.
2009-04-18 The VMA GUI is now fully Unicode capable.
2009-04-17 Several additions to TXT2PDF.
2009-04-02 Made VMA more compatible with newer versions of wxWidghets
2008-11-06 A few changes made to TXT2PDF.
2007-01-12 New version of VMA.
2006-05-05 New Mac version of VMAgui that opens viewer app on top of VMAgui.
2006-04-23 New Mac version of VMAgui.  Get the goodness here.
2005-07-10 VMAWin is now VMAgui and is based on wxWidgets.  Get the goodness here.
2005-06-29 A couple of minor updates to VMA.
2005-06-27 Added a couple more options to VMA.
2005-06-23 New release of VMA and it now includes the Windows GUI version.
2005-06-21 Added a fancy, schmancy (:-B) preliminary GUI version of the VMA utility.
2005-06-16 Updated the VMA utility.
2005-06-13 Added the VMA utility to list and extract VMARC files on non-VM systems.
2005-05-13 Added a VMPARMS patch that applies to zipl instead of the kernel.
2004-05-27 Added a version of VMPARMS for the Linux 2.6.5 kernel.
2004-05-27 Uploaded the correct VMPARMS patch this time.
2004-05-26 Fixed the VMPARMS patch to allow IPLing from tape and the VM reader.
2004-05-26 Several features added to TXT2PDF including image tiling, BMP support, and a few others.

WARNING:  The default behavior has changed for the CC parameter!
2004-03-18 Released MD5 into the Public Domain.
2004-03-03 Released ARC4 into the Public Domain.
2003-10-31 Several features added to TXT2PDF including compression and encryption support in VM.  Thanks Frank!!!
2003-08-12 Added TEXT DRAW type and fixed a bug introduced with the 08/10 update to TXT2PDF.
2003-08-10 Added DRAW and IMAGE keywords, stdio handling, and CMS PIPELINE stage to TXT2PDF.
2003-08-06 A few minor updates to TXT2PDF and the addition of a version in VMARC format.
2003-07-25 Restructured the underbelly of this here little site.  If you were linking to it, you'll want to check your links.
2003-07-23 Added another Kernel Fix (includes some enhancements as well)
2003-07-21 Updated DASD DIAG discipline 64-bit support
2003-07-21 Added another Kernel Fix
2003-07-18 Added a couple more Kernel Fixes
2003-07-18 Updated DASD DIAG discipline 64-bit support
2003-07-14 Added another Kernel Fix
2003-07-14 Updated DASD DIAG discipline 64-bit support
2003-07-13 Added 64-bit support to DASD DIAG discipline
2003-07-13 Added another Kernel Fix
2003-07-13 Updated encode64 function
2003-06-10 Added vipa-helpers to the zLinux section
2003-06-10 Added a couple more Kernel Fixes
2003-05-30 Added small patch to John Hartmann's QDI XEDIT macro
2003-04-16 Added tcpdump-qeth wrapper patch and program
2003-04-03 Added Kernel Fixes section
2003-03-17 Updated MultiBoot patch
2003-03-14 Added MultiBoot patch
2003-03-04 Updated VMPARM patch
2003-02-19 Added zLinux section
2002-12-09 Added HETUTL to the Assembler section
2002-12-09 Updated zlib390 and bzlib390
2002-12-09 Updated zlibLE and bzlibLE
2002-12-08 Added zlibLE and bzlibLE to the Assembler section
2002-12-08 More updates to zlib390 and bzlib390
2002-12-05 Minor updates to zlib390 and bzlib390
2002-12-02 Many updates to TXT2PDF
2002-10-26 Added ASCII carriage control support to TXT2PDF
2002-10-11 Added arc4 to the Assembler section
2002-10-11 Added encode64 to the Assembler section
2002-10-11 Added encode85 to the Assembler section
2002-10-11 Added md5 to the Assembler section
2002-10-11 Added bzlib390 to the Assembler section
2002-10-08 Added zlib390 to the Assembler section
2002-10-08 Added TXT2PDF to the REXX section
2002-08-19 Yet another useless site is born
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